sagittarius zodiac signs

    Sagittarius - date of the zodiac sign 23.11 - 21.12

    • Compatible signs: Gemini, Aries, Aquarius, Libra.
    • Unsupported signs: Pisces, Cancer, Taurus, Capricorn.
    • Lucky stones: diamond, amethyst, turquoise.
    • Lucky colors: indigo, burgundy, celadon.
    • Most suitable career: law, education, technique and invention, army, sports, commerce, culture, journalism, administration, communication.

    Sagittarius - Characteristics of the sign

    Sagittarians are the life of the party. They are honest, energetic, and direct, which attracts many friends. They hate routine, they are always there when someone needs them and where something happens. They love freedom, fun, relaxation, sports and spontaneity. They are always active, looking for new adventures, contacts and experiences. They are loyal friends and have a great sense of truth and justice. They are resourceful, they like to joke and philosophize. They infect others with their optimism. Unfortunately, Sagittarians often believe too much too early in their infallibility and wisdom. It doesn't take much for them to start showing off and bragging. They also pretend to be someone else to be accepted and the center of attention. However, they are brave, honest and optimistic with each other and with the rest of the world. Unfortunately, they are also often carefree, imprecise and tactless, as well as tend to exaggerate. All they need is moderation to achieve what they have planned. They should be careful when choosing a partner. Sometimes they act too impulsively and often decide on a quick relationship or even a marriage caused by a first impression of their partner. That relationship can end badly, leading to a painful separation for the two of you. Sagittarians should choose people similar to them as a couple: curious and sociable, but more calm, sensitive and reasonable than they. Intelligence and curiosity can be the key to a good relationship with Sagittarians. However, if the partner is not honest and is too detailed and unforgiving, the relationship can be full of mutual reproaches. Also, a pedantic person would not be a good match for Sagittarians either, as they expect passion and fun from their partners. It would be nice if the couple allowed him to calm down, grow and think about the future. sagittarius sign There are many professions in which Sagittarians can be successful. Most of them require very good communication, honesty and loquacity. Sports, competition and fighting for the desired results will make them happy and will be admired by their family and friends, so they do not have to be false and pretend that they are smarter and wiser than they really are. CHARACTER

    Characteristics of Sagittarius

    Sagittarians are honest, open, impulsive, and impatient, but also kind, active, and generous. They love nature, people and the world. They are active, but also capable of observing the environment and drawing the correct conclusions. They like meeting new people, they value contact with friends and are usually up to date with their lives, so they have a predisposition to become teachers. In this profession, they often act like Socrates: he teaches to draw conclusions and to observe the world critically. It must be remembered that Sagittarians are tough opponents to argue: they defend their opinions firmly, they fight with false accusations and suggestions, they usually have good arguments and they choose them wisely to beat their interlocutors. In addition to being good teachers, Sagittarians will also be good lawyers, journalists, philosophers, historians, or literary critics. Because they are intuitive and predictive, they would also be successful as scientists or teachers. They do not usually accept the opinions of others and rarely change their own. They know what they want and they fight for it. They are not afraid of risk, but they tend to be hasty, especially when they let their emotions rule. In general, there are two types of Sagittarius: the lower type and the upper type. The first, symbolized by the animal part of the centaur, is a lover of sports and gambling. Sometimes it is something false, impulsive and immoral. The second, symbolized by the human part of the centaur, is noble, open-minded, moral, just and generous. The biggest disadvantage of Sagittarians is their sharp tongue and tendency to reveal secrets, which is caused more by their talkativeness than their malicious intent. They always want to do more than they are capable of, so they tend to do a few things at a time. However, they have many more advantages: they are honest, they can fully dedicate themselves to others, they are fair, hard-working, cheerful and open. They defend their opinions and are not afraid to doubt common beliefs, especially when they think they are useless and false. They love animals, especially dogs and horses, and are very active and curious from a young age. They need space to have their adventure.

    Sagittarius as a couple

    She is a happy, sociable, open and cheerful woman. He hates lies and values the truth. She is quite direct and honest with herself; he always says what he really thinks, even if it is painful. He lives an interesting and varied life and enjoys every moment, although he does not deal very well with failures and disappointments. He likes to flirt and is fickle. You have a hard time finding a partner, but when you do, you will be a good partner for life. He values his freedom and pride, which is why he always defends his opinions relentlessly, something characteristic of Sagittarians. He is exceptionally intelligent and creative, as well as impulsive when it comes to acting, but he is self-centered in love. Although everyone likes him, he can be quite unpleasant. It is complicated in relationships, since she spends more time in social events and meeting her friends than with her partner, so she may feel marginalized. HEALTH AND DIET

    Sagittarius health

    Sagittarians are quite immune to negative environmental influences. However, they shouldn't get too tired. They need a little rest from time to time and should remember this because they are active by nature. They tend to live long and have good health. They are prone to sciatica, rheumatism, hip problems, leg injuries, eye and lung diseases and should take special care of these organs. They also have to be careful in contact with animals.

    Sagittarius diet

    Sagittarians are advised to eat all kinds of fruit, but also tortillas, fish, and mushrooms. They should also include asparagus, figs, sage, raspberries and parsley in their diet, which stimulate their life force and improve their mood. They do not have to have a specific diet, although the amount of food matters, since they should not eat much. As for alcohol, they can drink dry wine, whiskey and others. PHRASES AND APHORISMS Famous Sagittarius phrases Tireless souls, Sagittarians belong to the group of intelligent, clever, and observant people. That is why many of them have been successful as politicians, writers or poets and wrote their thoughts. Below we show you some famous Sagittarius phrases. COMPATIBLE SIGNS

    Zodiac signs compatible with Sagittarius

    It is difficult to win the trust and sympathy of a Sagittarius, since they hide their feelings and their true thoughts under a layer of humor and irony. Although it may not be appreciated at first glance, material issues matter to him. To conquer the heart of a Sagittarius you have to be honest, intelligent and tolerant. It's worth it because Sagittarians make good matches. Sagittarius in relationships Sagittarians are happy, sociable, direct women who love life. They value the position and money of the partner, so it is difficult for them to find a candidate because they also pay attention to their manners and their appearance. A perfect partner should be neat and experienced, since only then will the Sagittarius girl be a good, loyal and faithful partner. He is not looking for a prince charming, but a man with a good position, although unfortunately he only attracts normal people ... He does not like housework, but rather to improve his professional career. He loves to receive small gifts because they flatter his vanity. It also remembers each date and anniversary. Sagittarians are a free spirit and value independence, so your partner should understand that need and try not to limit it. He is smart and determined. You find it difficult to get involved in a relationship because you do many things at the same time that they absorb all your attention. He likes perfect women: well-groomed, elegant, and temperamental. He will not last long with a housewife or an inactive and calm woman. It is difficult to gain his trust but, if you do, you should share his opinions and have understanding with him so that everything goes well.

    The fire triangle

    Sagittarius, along with Aries and Leo , belong to the fire triangle, which is connected with characteristics such as universal energy, enthusiasm, joie de vivre, unconcern, impetuosity, courage and love of risk. And those are signs that should be together, as they will be easily understood.

    Sagittarius + Aries

    ARIES is the zodiac sign with typical male traits, giving people a strong desire to command, fight, courage, courage and not worry about risk. Aries like clear situations, they don't accept half measures. They are good at a fight, but have trouble with quiet negotiations and admitting mistakes. They live in the present and think about the future, not the past. They are hasty: first they act, then they think. Their actions are often accompanied by haste and lack of patience. Aries are noble, helpful, hard-working, sociable, and hedonistic women. They tend to overdo it, whether it's complaining too much, clenching their teeth, or playing hero. They tend to have either too much enthusiasm or enormous despair. Despite her apparent reservations, she is a source of passion, which can end in disappointment for some weak men. Aries are men who love risk and spicy situations. They love to fight: reaching the goal is more important than the goal itself. You value shy women, whom you can help to be more open and who will be impressed by your personality. They are usually friendly, polite, sociable and everyone likes them.

    Sagittarius + Leo

    LEO is the sign that personifies generosity, strength and majesty. People of this sign are brave and authoritarian, but also kind and tolerant at the same time. Helpful but sometimes naive. They like to rest, work as necessary, they like to emphasize their personality and be the life of the party. They are usually big heads and it is difficult to make them see that they are wrong. They hate criticism, so sometimes they select the wrong coworkers because they choose those who will blindly follow them. I read them are good candidates to be a loyal partner, a model mother and a passionate lover. She is attractive, personable, confident of her values, and loves admiration. He hates weak men who have neither position nor money. However, he loves to flirt and have a lot of fans. I read them , on the other hand, they are home people, model parents and good partners (as long as they feel their heads). He flirts and has many adventures for a long time ... From his partner he expects admiration, submission and loyalty. He is terrified of impotence.

    Other zodiac signs compatible with Sagittarius

    Other compatible signs are: Libra and Scorpio. Libra belongs to the air triangle. He is balanced, very aesthetic, sensual, sociable and kind, although at times he tends to be vain and fickle. He loves beauty. Scorpio, although he seems calm, is usually energetic, determined and knows what he wants. He's mysterious, passionate, and confident, which makes him a good match for Sagittarius because the poles attract each other. Neutral signs with Sagittarius The neutral signs are: Taurus, Aquarius, Cancer, Capricorn and Sagittarius. Signs not compatible with Sagittarius The unsupported signs of the zodiac that Sagittarius should avoid in order not to get involved in violent arguments are: Pisces, Gemini and Virgo.