scorpio zodiac signs

    Scorpio - zodiac sign date 23.10 - 22.11

    • Compatible signs: Virgo, Pisces.
    • Unsupported signs: Leo, Gemini, Aquarius.
    • Lucky stones: garnet, topaz, onyx, amethyst.
    • Lucky colors: navy blue, pink, black, white.
    • Most suitable career: business, education, health, culture.

    Scorpio - Characteristics of the sign

    Scorpios are very ambitious and determined when it comes to fighting for their goals and they will do everything to achieve them. They are known for their enormous courage and determination. They are ready to sacrifice everything to realize their ideas. They are clear and direct, they always get the most out of life and are not afraid of anything. They know no limits and tend to exaggerate everything. Their enormous physical strength allows them to get whatever they want, but it can also be used with malicious intent to manipulate others. Their advantage is that they are able to get back on their feet after a failure that would depress anyone else. Their motto is "fly high, fall hard", which helps them to succeed and, even if they fail, they do not give up easily and ... they move on again, since they cannot stay still for long. They are advised to live in moderation, detach a bit from the world, be open with people and stop thinking for a while about some matters and the meaning of life, since Scorpios act so impulsively that they forget why they do it. scorpio sign Scorpios are passionate, their relationships are intense, energetic and spontaneous. From their partner they expect understanding and tolerance towards their actions. You also need peace of mind and the ability to think rationally. In love, Scorpios will make all kinds of sacrifices and renunciations, since they are the ones who spray confessions on the walls or sing love songs to their partners under the windows. They are the ones who are ready to jump into the flames on behalf of their ideas, to do whatever it takes to achieve their goals, and to do stupid and risky things often. However, they should have a couple of hobbies because concentrating on one thing can beჴ€¦ destructive. It can end in jealousy over the partner, which turns into a toxic relationship from which everyone escapes. In professional life they should focus on art or culture (a hard rock band is a perfect idea for Scorpios). They are also very rebellious and do not like being told what to do, so they should choose an independent job that allows them to prove their worth. It is good for them to work physically as it releases energy and makes them more relaxed and calm after work. They also believe in learning from their own mistakes, which is why they have no idols or role models.


    Characteristics of Scorpios

    Scorpio is a zodiac sign connected to Pluto, which gives it characteristics such as aggressiveness, energy, a strong personality and, most importantly, courage. Thanks to that cheerful character, Scorpios consistently and courageously fight for their dreams, overcome all obstacles with ease, and can be successful in all aspects of their life. Other important characteristics of the character of Scorpios are the tendency to be ironic, the scathing retorts and the martial character. Although they are inappropriate at times, they are good friends. But they are terrible enemies, sometimes even cruel and ruthless, since they are very vindictive. They should not be disappointed as they are naturally suspicious and will soon realize that they have been betrayed. Scorpios are believed to be lucky with money and know how to earn it. They are not good diplomats since, because of their sensitivity and emotionality, they express their opinions in a direct and emotional way, which causes them to talk too much. Scorpios crave knowledge and are predisposed to discover new things, but unfortunately, diligence is not their greatest virtue. This is because they are hasty and emotional and have an energetic character. Scorpios are also very attractive to the opposite gender, displaying an irresistible charm.

    Scorpios as a couple

    She is a very fickle woman. She is ruthless, vindictive, has a bad temper and is stern, but at times she appears to be shy and cold. When you feel safe in a relationship it shows your true passionate nature. She really loves, but is very jealous. You may fall so much in love that you lose touch with the real world. He likes to have many brave, intelligent, characterful, but alsoჴ€¦ rich admirers. You know your worth, you are an attractive person, and you express your feelings and emotions with ease. He is a bit vain, conceited and jealous, but also passionate. He likes women who are attractive, intelligent and with character, but also someone who can easily dominate in all aspects. He is capable of deep love, but he tends to hide his feelings under a cloak of anger or arrogance. Therefore, it is not easy to live with him in a relationship, but in the day-to-day contact he seems to be a helpful, kind and polite person with whom you can always trust.


    Scorpio health

    Scorpios are prone to all kinds of viruses or bacterial diseases, especially venereal diseases, heart failure, pain in the back, diseases of the urogenital system, throat infections, etc. That is why they are advised to prevent diseases and visit the doctor when they see any symptoms. In addition, women are prone to menstrual disorders, kidney stones, hemorrhoids, neck and nose tenderness, and severe menopause. The likelihood of emotional disturbances is also high, which is caused by her impetuousness and energy, as well as her tendency to be jealous and suspicious. As a result, Scorpios are advised to lead a hygienic lifestyle and get adequate rest.

    Scorpios diet

    Scorpios are usually either very thin or obese. That is why they should take care of their metabolism from a young age, drink plenty of water, vegetable juices and teas, but also drink soups. They should avoid eating too much fiber, which will help them maintain a healthy weight. Alcohol is dangerous and should be avoided, especially when dieting. They should include fruits and vegetables in their meals, especially tomatoes, cucumbers, spinach, broccoli, endives, and salad, but also whole grain products. They can also eat lean meat and fish.


    Famous Scorpios phrases

    Scorpios are determined and constant when it comes to fighting for their dreams. They are talented and energetic, but they are also smart, sociable, and capable of trying their best if necessary. That is why many of them have been successful in many fields and have become famous. For example, James Cook, Pablo Picasso, Margaret Thatcher, Saint Augustine, Charles Stuart, or Jimmy Carter. Below we show you some of the phrases of famous Scorpios.


    Zodiac signs compatible with Scorpio

    Scorpios are born fighters whose goal is to constantly fight for their goals. They are tireless and relentless, they love luxury and money, they want to dominate and they try no matter the consequences. They are intolerant and tend to terrorize their environment, but at the same time they are resourceful, honest and consistent, which makes them good friends. Therefore, it is worth having a relationship with them and not being their enemy, as they can be cruel.

    Scorpios in relationships

    Scorpios are full of contradictions. On the one hand they seem shy, but on the other they are a source of passion and people who constantly need new experiences. They are very independent and jealous and expect their partners to be loyal, but they are not. They are also severe and unforgiving. They can be melancholic with age. Despite all that has been said, they are charming, witty, and can tell even the most painful of truths. Scorpios, meanwhile, have a very complicated character. They are jealous and proud, but also conceited, false and mysterious. They love beautiful women with character, but who are also submissive and cannot dominate them in any field. They really love, they love to talk about many topics, they like to be surprised and they must always be right, especially on minor topics. People with strong personalities are highly valued. To conquer a Scorpio man, you cannot protest against him and you must have moderation in everything.

    Scorpio - The Water Triangle

    Scorpios are believed to be with the people of the same triangle, which are Cancer and Pisces . These are the calmest and most sensitive signs, which, according to astrologers, should have a relationship because they will understand your weak character like no one else and will not hurt each other.

    Scorpio + Cancer

    CANCER is the sign of sensitive, spiritual and home people. As a general rule, they have bad manners and are brutal. They will fight any sign down to their last drop of blood. Although they are easily injured, they pretend to be tough and resistant. They are also fickle, something caused by their random likeability and antipathy. Cancerians can take care of their family and are attracted to it as well as their partner. He treats her like the most wonderful woman in the world, but he also likes to be seduced and his ego is quite big. She is emotional, sensitive, and likes to have her own place at home to lose herself in her affairs. He hates when someone sticks their noses in his affairs and his partner should be prepared so that he always has his personal space and inaccessible to others. Cancerians are loving, sensitive and patient women, full of unconditional love. They expect love and support from their partner. They like to control their needs, their emotions, and themselves. They usually wait for the man to take the first step and show initiative. Your partner should be patient and treat you with tenderness so that you are both happy.

    Scorpio + Pisces

    The PISCES are the people who are normally calm you calm and gentle, polite by nature, but also fickle. They are weak and tend to sulk easily; they are empathetic and dreamy. Unfortunately, they have trouble achieving financial success and are prone to addictions. Intuitive as they are, they have the ability to see the humor of others, as well as to draw the correct conclusions on many matters. Pisces are extremely sensitive women, sometimes skeptical and careless. He is very emotional, so his partner should be the same; feels strange in the company of strong and aggressive men. It is monogamous; however, if you want, you can be sexually original and liberated, but only with your partner. She truly loves and is very attracted to her dear husband. Pisces are good material for husband and father, since they love a lot and are kind and sensitive. They like women who are resourceful and helpful, confident and determined, as this will make them a good partner for life.

    Other zodiac signs compatible with Scorpio

    Other compatible signs, along with Pisces and Cancer, are: Virgo, Sagittarius, Scorpio and Capricorn.

    Neutral signs with Scorpio

    The neutral signs of the zodiac that will not harm Scorpio are Taurus, Aries, and Libra.

    Signs not compatible with Scorpio

    In astrology, the signs not compatible with Scorpio are believed to be Leo, Aquarius, and Gemini. These signs should be avoided.