taurus zodiac signs

    Taurus 20.04 - 20.05

    • Compatible signs: Virgo, Libra, Taurus, Pisces, Capricorn.
    • Unsupported signs: Aries, Scorpio, Aquarius.
    • Lucky stones: topaz, sapphire, emerald.
    • Lucky colors: sky blue, black, burgundy, vermilion.
    Taurus Zodiac Sign Wiki Most suitable career: agriculture, gardening, law, banking, army, administration, industry, business, crafts, education, culture, science.

    Taurus - Characteristics of the sign

    Taurus are very determined and strive for success. They are reliable and practical. Not only do they clearly and precisely specify their objectives, but they achieve them step by step. That makes Taurus very successful-oriented people from whom determination can be learned. Your patience and your ability to avoid mistakes are the keys to success. The truth is that they are materialistic, so all those material benefits motivate them to act. In professional life they are great employees and leaders thanks to their skills and their ambition to achieve goals. In relationships, it is difficult to live with Taurus: they are extremely introverted and people who want to be with them must have a lot of determination. In addition, their partners must be loyal, wise, intelligent, well-educated, discreet, and hard-working. They have to be able to impress Taurus, which is not easy. A Taurus should not be in a relationship a clumsy, chaotic and uncreative person who only cares about himself. Taurus are very realistic and expect the same from their potential mate. If you decide to be with someone, that relationship will be based on friendship, stability and mutual trust, which will satisfy both parties. They have a great sense of aesthetics, to which they dedicate a large part of their lives. It can be said that they want to discover and savor life more than anyone else. They perceive art and culture to perfection and are great art experts. For this reason, they tend to become art critics or even artists. Taurus are very constructive, stubborn and constant. Once they make up their minds, there is nothing that can make them change their mind. They are calm and apathetic, but that makes them carry out their tasks more calmly and precisely than other people, so they are very good workers. To impress a Taurus you don't necessarily have to have the same opinion on various matters. However, you should appreciate their point of view and defend yours. Taurus appreciate their opponents only when they have a level of knowledge or arguments similar to theirs. Don't bother complimenting Taurus, as the best compliment will be to appreciate their effort and work, as well as respect their opinion.

    Taurus CHARACTER

    Characteristics of the Taurus

    In astrology, Taurus are stable, which makes them determined, assertive, energetic, and tenacious. Their characteristics are being stubborn, tough, diligent and persistent in their decisions. They are usually calm, collected and patient, so it is difficult to make them angry. They are peaceful, hate any sign of aggression or competition, and believe that it is essential to enjoy the pleasures of life. They like to have money and have a natural talent for multiplying it. Taurus Sign Taurus are not very empathetic, so they choose successful people as friends and avoid losers. They are self-centered and are sometimes held in high esteem, which makes them sometimes relentless and dominant over others. The planet of the Taurus is Venus, which makes the women of this sign charming, pretty and with a huge talent for art (especially in music and singing). They like their families to be devoted to them and they value harmonious life ... they are seldom rebellious or want to emancipate themselves. In addition, Taurus men are very talented: there are many actors and musicians among them, such as Bing Crosby or Fred Astaire. Family ties are important to Taurus. As a result, they rarely have extramarital affairs and indulge body and soul in family life andჴ€¦ culinary delights. The latter usually ends in obesity, which Taurus tend to suffer from from an early age. They should acquire healthy habits as soon as possible, try to fight laziness and learn to motivate themselves. Although they seem calm, they can be terrifying when angry; sometimes anger makes them completely unpredictable. Taurus Relations According to astrologers, Taurus are good at working in construction or any type of production. Thanks to your natural artistic talent, they can be good on stage but also in administration, as they are diligent and scrupulous.

    Taurus as a couple

    He values ჴ€‹ჴ€‹peace and harmony at home very much. Taking care of his loved ones makes him very happy, especially when they (especially his wife) express their affection, their interests and remember his tastes, especially culinary ones. He likes to eat well, especially at home, so he does not spend a lot of money on food as he is far-sighted and does not like to spend money. So look for a woman who appreciates similar things. She is an organized and decent woman; she is a good housewife attached to her home. Value harmony, a good role, and stability. You meet your obligations carefully and you have a great chance for success in life. Your partner must learn to accept the fact that you are stubborn and stand up for your opinion firmly, that you are sometimes moody, capricious and demanding and that you always like to control everything. Taurus Couple

    Taurus - HEALTH AND DIET

    Taurus health

    Taurus are usually healthy, strong, and well proportioned. They like sports and practice them a lot. However, living a stressful life, abusing alcohol, and eating too much may harm them. The organ most at risk is the liver, but also the throat, which is needed to communicate with others and express emotions. So they should work on their flaws, avoid stress, and limit eating, drinking, and other unhealthy pleasures. Taurus Diet

    Taurus diet

    Taurus like good cooking, but they tend to eat too much. They also like beer, as well as other strong drinks. However, it can have serious consequences: if they do not limit their bad habits and their love of food, they can regret a lot when they are old ...


    Famous Taurus phrases

    Many Taurus have succeeded in life and have played an important role both in politics and creating public opinion by writing. Below we show you some of the most important pearls of wisdom from these important authors.


    Zodiac signs compatible with Taurus

    Taurus have a very broad character, they are very diligent and stubborn, they know how to break stereotypes, they fight against adversity and they often achieve their goals. Patient and calm, they usually live in harmony. However, many situations expose his well-hidden evil and jealousy. They are very good and loyal friends, so it is worth having a good relationship with them.

    Taurus in relationships

    Taurus women are kind, supportive and affectionate women with others, especially when they are young, since the negative experiences they live over time expose their bad characteristics. They are good housewives, quite practical and, even if they do not admit it, they like to live in luxury and sometimes they spend more than they can afford. They are usually surrounded by admirers and they like compliments, but it is difficult to win them over. The public admiration of their partner impresses them, they like to be sure that their partners only love them and hate boring life. To meet their needs, you need to plan interesting vacations and provide them with fun. The taurus like flirting and they fall in love easily. They are very romantic and expect their partners to be loving, which fuels their ego. They can be easily conquered with good cooking and submission. When they get angry they can be terrifying. Taurus Life

    The Earth Triangle

    Taurus, along with Virgo and Capricorn, belong to the earth triangle, so he or she should be with these signs. The pre-elemental meaning of the Earth was already emphasized by the ancients and by medieval alchemists. People in the Earth Triangle strive to achieve their best, are very intuitive, and can use others to achieve their own goals.

    Taurus + Virgo

    A VIRGO is a person who is able to think logically, critically evaluate the situation, and express his or her feelings clearly. She is a diligent and tactful person, but she cannot be spontaneous or act on the spur of the moment. He hates clutter, chaos and inability because he is a very well organized and intelligent person. Virgos are cool, loyal, elegant, and responsible women. They are monogamous, they like to be around their partner and notice their presence in your life, although they can irritate you with their character at times. They like culture and live elegantly. Virgos , for their part, are loyal, loving and calm parents who always provide their children with everything they need. They are quite reserved and their mind is practical, although they tend to love their partner too much: they put her on a pedestal, which usually causes them to not be able to compare her with anyone.

    Taurus + Capricorn

    A CAPRICORN is a diplomatic person who has a predisposition to become a cleric or scientist. He is ambitious, determined, reserved and content when it comes to expressing feelings. It can and usually does achieve its goals. He has a serious approach to life, he is conservative, practical and not afraid of complicated challenges. Capricorns are traditional women, well organized, diligent and welcoming, brave in love and very responsible. They are attracted to calm, serious, calm, forward-thinking and hard-working responsible men. Capricorns, for their part, value family life and can be a good head of the family. They are practical and tend to avoid flirting with many women at the same time, focusing on one. Unfortunately, they are quite cold and hide their feelings, so their partners have to be patient and help them open up. Taurus Relationship life

    Other zodiac signs compatible with Taurus

    Other compatible signs, alongside Virgo and Capricorn, are believed to be Cancer and Pisces. Cancer is a harmonious person at work, in friendship, and in marriage. It is the sign of the teachers and prophets and of the constant, determined, patient, tender, far-sighted and loving people. Pisces are usually submissive, kind, sweet and do not have an opinion of their own, so they are easy to dominate and that Taurus likes.

    Neutral signs with Taurus

    The neutral signs of the zodiac are: Leo, Gemini, Sagittarius and Libra.

    Signs not compatible with Taurus

    The unsupported zodiac signs are Aries, Scorpio, and Aquarius. A relationship with any of these signs can end very violently.