virgo zodiac signs

    Virgo zodiac sign date 23.08 - 22.09

    • Compatible signs: Taurus, Capricorn, Aquarius.
    • Unsupported signs: Gemini, Aries, Cancer, Pisces, Sagittarius.
    • Lucky stones: malachite, amethyst, topaz.
    • Lucky colors: yellow, sky blue, green.
    • Most suitable career: administration, business, education, health, banking, science, industry, technology and invention.

    Virgo - Characteristics of the sign

    Virgos are perfectionists. They do everything diligently, carefully and finishing everything they start. They separate the good and healthy things from the bad like nobody else. They take special care of their hygiene and their aesthetics. They are very neat and always clean and well scented. When they decide to do something, they do not rest until it is finished. They tend to exaggerate on this matter. They are overly critical, focus too much on detail, and are diligent, rendering them unable to work well among chaotic and careless people. However, that also has its good side, and that is that there are many Nobel Prize winners and scientists among them, as they fight for their goals like nobody else. Unfortunately, his character is often caused by his pedantry. They are advised to listen more to others, as people also have many interesting things to say and can teach them something new. That is his rule: perfection can only be achieved with personal work and by the achievement of goals. That's true to some degree, although Virgos should also know that humans have a bad side, too. A perfect job for a Virgo is a scientist, inventor, laboratory technician, businessman, banker, or accountant. They are made for jobs that require diligence, conscientiousness, care, and a lot of work and dedication. virgo sign These characteristics, while good in professional life, can be problematic in personal life. They are good husbands and wives, but they are not very good lovers. That requires passion and the ability to express feelings, something Virgos are not good at. They value their partners for their intelligence, loyalty, diligence, humility, and perseverance in acting. They should not get into relationships with clumsy, careless, rushed, or emotionally unstable people. That could destroy your daily rhythm and make you nervous, and a relationship should not be like that. They expect their partners to have the same determination to achieve their goals as they do. They hate clumsiness and inconsistency when it comes to acting. A Virgo would constantly scold such a partner and cause a lot of arguments. It would be good if the Virgo partner is able to make you feel relaxed, that you can forget about work, make you release your emotions and have fun. This will give the Virgo a rest and return to work more relaxed and energetic, increasing their productivity.


    Virgo characteristics

    Virgos are capable of quick thinking and of making others believe that they are right. They critically judge all events and all the people around them, something that is not always well tolerated, especially when they preach authoritarian opinions and rumors instead of using constructive arguments. Virgos tend to be an example for others when they are young: they are diligent, careful and clever students, the teacher's favorite boy. Sometimes their peers don't like them, but they don't care and spend their time reading, listening to music, taking an interest in art and culture, or helping with housework, so they can't complain of boredom. Nothing bothers them more than chaos, disorder, improvisation, and spontaneity. They are systematic, diligent, fair and very practical; you can always trust them. They belong to the group of intelligent and gifted people and have the opportunity to achieve a great career. However, they are not worried about that as they prefer advisory positions over managerial positions. They are also able to be appreciated by playing a supportive role. Virgos are able to adapt easily. They don't value money, they don't spend more than they earn, and they rarely eat or drink too much. They are perfect candidates for a husband or wife but, according to statistics, the majority of older singles are Virgo, which can be related to their sexual complexes, something very typical of them. Among its defects we must mention: passivity, parsimony, pettiness, arrogance, rancor and hypochondria.

    Virgo as a couple

    She is a wonderful, loyal, elegant and responsible couple. He is monogamous, he likes to be close to his partner and to notice his constant presence in life. Sometimes you can make your partner angry with your personality. He likes culture and lives elegantly. He, for his part, is a loyal, loving and calm father who always provides his children with everything they need. She is quite reserved and practical, although she tends to adore her partner too much and overvalue her virtues, usually caused by not having anyone else to compare her to.


    Virgo Health

    Virgos tend to be hypochondriacs, blindly believing in pills and other medications. However, they do not usually have serious illnesses. They are prone to nervousness, digestive disorders, slow metabolism, and lung disease. They are also vulnerable to flat feet, so they should practice gymnastics regularly and appropriately. The best medicine for Virgos is contact with nature and a balanced diet, especially with spices that stimulate the metabolism.

    Virgo diet

    Virgos should use spices in their cooking, such as: mint, borage, oregano, or fennel. Dairy products are good too. They should avoid salt and pepper, as well as alcohol, although they can drink cocktails.


    Famous Virgos Phrases

    Virgos are fickle, but they adjust easily to new circumstances. Many Nobel Prize winners are Virgo, which shows that they are very talented. Many Virgos left a great inheritance in written form; Below we show you a small part of it.


    Zodiac signs compatible with Virgo

    Virgos are organized, yet pedantic, which can be annoying when we don't know their true "ego." They criticize, look for any loophole and are very detailed, but deep down they are very sensitive, sentimental and good people. They are worth getting to know them well, especially when we want a friend who is not afraid to tell us the truth to our faces.

    Virgos in relationships

    Virgos are smart, intelligent, and critical of people and the world. His sense of reality is highly developed. They are practical, a little reserved even with their closest ones and are difficult to conquer. There are many singles among them, especially since they prefer short affairs and casual relationships. They only want stable relationships if their partners show themselves to be generous and want to learn their hobbies, which he will never give up. Virgos belong to a group of intelligent, hard-working and responsible women. They are difficult to conquer because of their natural distrust and because of their dream of a movie love. They treat their admirers with skepticism and distance, they pay special attention to honest people with their emotions and value elegance and good manners, something very important to them. When they love, they really love, although their trust must not be betrayed.

    The Earth Triangle

    Virgo, along with Taurus and Capricorn, belong to the earth triangle, so he or she should be with these signs. The pre-elemental meaning of the Earth was already emphasized by the ancients and by medieval alchemists. People in the Earth Triangle strive to achieve their best, are very intuitive, and can use others to achieve their own goals.

    Virgo + Capricorn

    A CAPRICORN is a diplomatic person who has a predisposition to become a cleric or scientist. He is ambitious, determined, reserved and content when it comes to expressing feelings. It can and usually does achieve its goals. He has a serious approach to life, he is conservative, practical and not afraid of complicated challenges. Capricorns are traditional women, well organized, diligent and welcoming, brave in love and very responsible. They are attracted to calm, serious, calm, forward-thinking and hard-working responsible men. Capricorns, for their part, value family life and can be a good head of the family. They are practical and tend to avoid flirting with many women at the same time, focusing on one. Unfortunately, they are quite cold and hide their feelings, so their partners have to be patient and help them open up.

    Virgo + Taurus

    TAURUS is a fickle sign of spring, but a constant sign of earth. Taurus are slow, passionate, and hardworking. They are realistic calm. However, if they become a little mentally unbalanced, they can flare up with rage. They are sensitive, reasonable and resourceful; sometimes they are stubborn and determined. Taurus are charming, optimistic, and resourceful women and wives. They are usually selective and demanding and do not like to be controlled and told what to do. Taurus are a good material to be a loyal husband who cares about the warmth of home, making his partner feel safe by his side and who loves him madly. You value not only the appearance of your partner, but also their personality.

    Other zodiac signs compatible with Virgo

    Another compatible sign, along with Taurus and Capricorn, is believed to be Scorpio. The scorpio are very ambitious, imaginative and fun loving them so little spontaneous virgo never get bored in her company.

    Neutral signs with Virgo

    the neutral signs are: Aries, Cancer, Leo, Libra and Aquarius.

    Signs not compatible with Virgo

    The unsupported signs are: Sagittarius, Pisces and Gemini. A relationship with any of these signs can end very violently in both personal and professional life.