Sagittarius in Love: Romance and Affinity

    In love, Sagittarius natives are open-minded, generous, and very romantic.

    Sagittarius - natives born between November 22 and December 21 (+/-), are utterly devoid of malice, and everything they do, they do with honesty. In love, Sagittarius is practical and fun, terrified of pretense and falsehood. Beneath your lack of tact is an extremely intelligent and high-standard mind. He is a personality drawn to danger - in sports, at work, and in relationships. The element of risk excites and challenges Sagittarius. He is frank and sincere: what is in the mind and heart of this native is almost instantly on his lips.

    Sagittarius in Positive Mode

    The natives of this sign are practical in relation to human relationships: for him, honesty is the basis of any relationship, and the truth usually encourages staying in a relationship. Jealousy and mistrust keep him away. They are generally happy and fun people, and they go out of their way to make others feel special. The natives of this sign are lovers of the open spirit, generous, and very romantic. They cultivate independence in relationships and appreciate a partner who is also autonomous. He does not like possessive or jealous partners and will not maintain the relationship if they are regularly forced to deal with it. Sagittarius natives need unions that give them freedom.

    Sagittarius in Negative Mode

    On the more negative side, they can be a dominating presence. They do not like negative or lacking people, doing everything possible to keep them away. In love, they are fickle and have a little compromise. They plunge into a romance with careless abandon. And so quickly they fall in love, as they end a relationship without the slightest regret. They tend to get bored quickly and can be unfaithful at worst. But given enough support and freedom, they become sensible, honest, and dedicated partners. The key is to keep them interested.

    Sagittarius Man in Love

    The Sagittarius man is usually quite lucky in the love sphere. And even when it isn't, you can bounce back from disappointments quite quickly. Often surrounded by women, the Sagittarius man lives his romantic life on a superficial level, but he is honest about it. The native of this sign looks for casual relationships, and sometimes they manage to make them so casual that they are really promiscuous. But the Sagittarius man is not only looking for physical relationships; this native likes variety and needs to feel mentally stimulated. To be attracted, you must perceive intelligence. His usually reliable reasoning powers seem to desert him when he is caught up in love. The Sagittarius man needs someone by his side who gives him freedom, who faces life with the same spirit as him, and who accepts people as they really are. The Sagittarius man does not tolerate cloying women, who do not coexist easily. He thinks with his head and heart and is not always sensible, but honest love is always guaranteed with him.

    Sagittarius Woman in Love

    The Sagittarius woman is frank and affectionate, capable of melting the coldest heart with her peculiar charm. Although sweet, this native is not from dreams, much less from fairy tales. She is a realistic, frontal and honest woman. The Sagittarius woman is not about lies and falsehoods: what she feels and thinks is in accordance with her way of acting and what she says. Sometimes her rude directness naturally causes confusion in relationships, not to mention hurt feelings. But that does not scare her. Her pride drives her over a broken heart without showing any pain in the face of disappointment, even if she is undone inside. The natives of this sign admire firmness and cannot stand weak and inferior companions. This is an independent woman who has no intention of giving up her individuality for anyone. In relationships, there is a lot of detachment from love ties, and relationships that last are rare. There is a tendency to precipitation, and they often confuse love with friendship and vice versa. Due to their casual attitude towards romance, it can seem that the natives of this sign have no feelings. What is not valid, the Sagittarius woman is even exceptionally sentimental, and she simply does not expose herself so as not to hurt herself. When she's hurt, she can become bitterly sarcastic. In love, whoever lets the Sagittarius woman be the owner of her soul, and does not make her feel tied, will have her loyalty, trust, and affection as a reward. For this native, these three values are inseparable because their friendship goes hand in hand when she gives her love.

    How Do Sagittarius Natives Get Along With Other Signs?

    • Signs with higher affinity - Aries, Leo, Libra, Aquarius
    • Signs with lower affinity - Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn

    Signs in Love

    Learn about the romantic characteristics associated with each of the natives of the Zodiac and how the signs behave in love. Remember that relationships are influenced by multiple variables, the astrological being only one of them. Will, commitment, and free will really determine how relationships may or may not progress favorably. Regardless of their sun signs, any relationship between two people can work as long as both parties are willing to make it work. Assume this result with an open mind, without taking any recommendation based on what you read here to treat your relationships or assuming any impediment so that they work as you wish. We hope that this result shows the points of most remarkable convergence with the person in question and that everything goes well in your relationship.