Taurus in Love: Romance and Affinity

    The natives of Taurus are great lovers, very tactile, and appreciate sensuality. Taurus seeks seduction, intimacy, and mutual satisfaction more than the physical act itself.

    How is the Taurus sign in love? How do you fall in love and live your relationships? What are the most compatible signs in Astrology? Taurus - natives born between April 20 and May 20 (+/-): they are a reliable, loyal, generous, and dedicated couple. When you promise "for better and for worse," you really mean to deliver. It is a sign that you value long-term relationships and do everything you can to maintain them. United with moral values and tradition, he finds in the family a pillar to structure all spheres of his life. Temporary unions do not seduce you. He is little given to passions, and he needs time to get to know the other person and, step by step, solidify the relationship. Since he hates breaking his promise, the typical Taurus thinks very well of what he says before committing himself. When you do, you intend to keep it for life.

    Taurus in Positive Mode

    Of all the signs of the Zodiac, he is the one that most supports his other half. Your own needs come second to the desire to make your partner happy. The natives of Taurus are great lovers, very tactile, and appreciate sensuality. Taurus seeks seduction, intimacy, and mutual satisfaction more than the physical act itself. Attentive, sensual, and sweet, they enjoy your and your lover's pleasure. Faced with a relationship problem, the Taurus has the tendency to give in and move on. This is your way of solving problems and avoiding conflicts.

    Taurus in Negative Mode

    When they are disappointed, the natives of this sign are resentful and very hurt. They can become possessive and extremely jealous, which can cause great strain on the relationship and very complicated and aggressive situations between the couple. This can mark the emotional distance between the two of you, the end of love and the relationship. Respect, trust, and seduction. These are the ingredients that make Taurus happy in their love life.

    The Taurus Man in Love

    Deliberate and prudent, the Taurus man can take a long time to commit to a serious relationship. But once decided, he dedicates himself fully to the person he loves. When hit by Cupid's arrows, he can go blind to any warning or warning of incompatibilities. The Taurus man is an eternal, delicate, and protective lover with sentimental gestures and a pleasant cut. Look for total simplicity and honesty in love, providing permanent loyalty and dedication and a faithful and sensitive heart. When disappointed, it takes a long time for Taurus to recover from the scars of separation. Practical and debauched, this native lives life shamelessly, not allowing anyone to rush or push him. When pressed, it can become rude and even quite obnoxious.

    The Taurus Woman in Love

    The Taurus woman is the perfect combination of the golden qualities that all men seek and rarely find. His basic frankness and honesty are a far cry from the usual tricks and tears. Strong personalities, Taurus women rarely complain or lament. This impassivity in the face of pain and emotional pressure is almost miraculous, not allowing your feelings to interfere with your practical side. With their feet firmly on the ground, Taurus women are rarely fidgety - they don't lose their head or their balance. This woman is a pillar of strength, capable of lovingly replenishing a man's reserve of hope when the world has defeated him, instilling her brave and fearless example. He is rarely demanding, except in the area of loyalty, where he doggedly hopes for his blind dedication and unwavering loyalty back. If they don't, she may hold back and resent it. The Taurus woman does not like to be contradicted or pressured. Their pace ranges from slow to weighted and steady; She rarely becomes impulsive but can become violent when she is too pressured.

    How do Taurus Natives Get Along with the other Signs?

    • Signs with higher affinity - Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio
    • Signs with lower affinity - Aries, Sagittarius, Aquarius

    Signs in Love

    Learn about the romantic characteristics associated with each of the natives of the Zodiac and how the signs behave in love. Remember that relationships are influenced by multiple variables, the astrological being only one of them. Will, commitment, and free will determine how relationships may or may not progress favorably. Any relationship between two people, regardless of their sun signs, can work as long as both parties are willing to make it work. Assume this result with an open mind, without taking any recommendation based on what you read here to treat your relationships or assuming any impediment so that they work as you wish. We hope that this result shows the points of greatest convergence with the person in question and that everything goes well in your relationship.