Planets in Signs: How to Interpret Them

In Astrology, these elements work in tune, and their energetic charges and symbolic meaning influence each other.

The sun sign, the Ascendant sign, and the planets are critical elements in interpreting the birth chart. In Astrology, these elements work in tune, and their energetic charges and symbolic meaning influence each other. How do the planets behave in the signs? What influences will the planets look to the signs, and how are they reflected in their energy? In this article, you will find the answer to these questions. Despite the influence of the celestial bodies on life on Earth, for Astrology, regardless of the astrological forces that act on our personality, we are the ones who build our lives according to the choices we make freely. On the other hand, there are no better or worse signs than others, but aspects of the personality can be improved if we want to have a more harmonious coexistence. The planets that are present in our birth chart combine with the energies of the signs to give us a unique personality. Knowing how the nature of the signs influences the planets can give us a clearer perspective on specific traits of our astral personality.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Planets

To know how to interpret the meaning of the position of the planets present in your birth chart, it is necessary to know their energies and know-how they relate and interact with other planets and signs present in your chart. The planets' position occupies in the astrological houses gives rise to their strengths and weaknesses. The elements - Fire, Earth, Water, and Air - that fall on the solar signs define their type of energy and the way in which it is expressed. Planet and sign are fully identified, and their energies coexist harmoniously. To understand how the signs leave their mark on the planets, it is necessary to know four fundamental concepts - the signs of dignity, exile, exaltation, and fall : 1. Sign of dignity - when a planet is in the ruling sign (s). 2. Sign of exile - when a planet is in the opposite sign to its sign of dignity or domicile. The position of the planet is weaker, and the effort to harmonize the energy fields is more significant. 3. Sign of exaltation - sign in which the qualities of a planet are compelling. 4. Sign of fall - when a planet is in the opposite sign of its sign of exaltation. It is the most challenging position for a planet.

Planets in the Signs


Sign of Exile - Aquarius, ruled by Uranus Sun and Uranus are eternal enemies, each being weak in the other's sign. The Sun cannot shine in Aquarius, where logic rules overheat or passion. Exaltation Sign - Aries, ruled by Mars In Aries, the Sun shines brightly. Like Aries, the Sun is related to the element of Fire, a symbol of determination and constructive energy. Fall Sign - Libra, ruled by Venus. Libra is known for balance and association. Due to the influence of this sign, the notion of "I" can be relegated to the background in favor of the needs of others. Uncertainty, guilt, or the desire to please outweigh self-centeredness.


Sign of Exile - Capricorn, ruled by Saturn Moon and Saturn are enemies and are weak in the other's sign. Capricorn is the sign of austerity, ambition, and the achievement of goals. These concerns conflict with the nurturing and protective nature of the Moon. The Moon in Capricorn can signify duty rather than pleasure or difficulty empathizing. Exaltation Sign - Taurus, ruled by Venus. Moon and Venus are allies since both are feminine elements (they tend to express more introverted, internalized, deep, intimate, and calm behaviors). The Moon develops in Taurus because of its connection to the Earth, nature, and the sensual pleasures of life. Fall Sign - Scorpio, ruled by Pluto Luna and Pluto are enemies and form a long-suffering combination. Scorpio is an emotionally and physically intense sign, which conflicts with lunar softness and receptivity. The Moon in Scorpio can signify emotional trauma, jealousy, or health problems, especially in women, and a place for healing, therapy, or developing psychic abilities.


Signs of Exile - Sagittarius, and Pisces, ruled by Jupiter and Neptune Mercury in Sagittarius can mean tactlessness, a tendency to exaggerate, be intrusive, or run off on a tangent. It is a favorable position for intellectual development. Mercury in Pisces can be unfocused, inaccurate, or prone to deception. It is a favorable position for artistic expression. Sign of Exaltation - Virgo, ruled by Mercury Mercury is the only planet that has the sign of exaltation in one of its signs of dignity. Mercury's communication skills and ease fit perfectly with the personality characteristics of Venus. Fall Sign - Pisces, ruled by Neptune Mercury in Pisces can be unfocused, inaccurate, or prone to deception. It is a favorable position for artistic expression.


Signs of Exile - Aries, and Scorpio, ruled by Mars and Pluto Venus (female) and Mars (male) are wrong in each other's sign. The signs ruled by Mars can manifest traces of selfishness, strength, determination, and power. This way of being conflicts with the slowness and softness of Venus. Sign of Exaltation - Pisces, ruled by Neptune Pisces sensitivity and creativity reinforce the artistic nature of Venus. Venus expresses itself in perfection through the arts and the most profound feelings in Pisces. Fall Sign - Virgo, ruled by Mercury Under the influence of Virgo, Venus can result in a personality intolerant of imperfection, leading to discriminatory attitudes and many disappointments with others.


Signs of Exile - Taurus, and Libra, ruled by Venus Venus is negotiation and cooperation. Mars is strength, decision, and action. The conflict between the two is inevitable. Mars in Taurus is a problematic combination because Taurus can get blocked by the Venus weighting. Mars in Libra can represent a conflict between staying or moving forward. Sign of Exaltation - Capricorn, ruled by Saturn Mars in Capricorn finds a strong partner and, together, they manage to do many things. Its power of materialization is enormous. Fall Sign - Cancer, ruled by the Moon Mars with the Moon is a painful representation. It suggests an insecure personality whose feelings are easily hurt and lacks parental instinct.


Signs of Exile - Gemini, and Virgo, ruled by Mercury Jupiter and Mercury represent opposite principles and are misplaced in each other's signs. Jupiter in Gemini can mean a conflict between right and wrong, theory and practice. Jupiter in Virgo can be a great idea that leads nowhere. It is a combination that suggests an obsessive-compulsive person immersed in work. Sign of Exaltation - Cancer, ruled by the Moon Jupiter and the Moon are allies because neither is harmed in the other's sign. Cancer, the sign that cares and nurtures, grows with the beneficial qualities of Jupiter. This combination can suggest maternal love, care, and dedication to others. Fall Sign - Capricorn, ruled by Saturn Pleasure or duty? Jupiter in Capricorn is limited by the sense of discipline and the need to be guided by this sign's rules and characteristics. It suggests a personality who disapproves of waste, works hard and develops a vocation to get involved in global causes.


Signs of Exile - Cancer, and Leo, ruled by the Moon and the Sun Saturn travels very slowly in the sky, causing its influence to affect an entire generation. Saturn in Cancer is a difficult position. Saturn is not comfortable in the sign of the Moon. This combination can mean absent parents, a sad childhood, introversion, and a broken home. Saturn in Leo is a combination that does not work. Saturn is cold and distant, and the Sun is warm and friendly. Their energies are antagonistic, and there is no way to reconcile them. It can lead to an authoritarian personality who uses his personal power to impose his will without concern for the interests or needs of others. Sign of Exaltation - Libra, ruled by Venus. In Libra, Saturn finds balance. This combination suggests authority in its perfect form: the fair and wise professional, the assertive and present parent, the gentle beauty. Fall Sign - Aries, ruled by Mars The sign of action, strength, and pure energy combat the dark resistance of Saturn. This combination may suggest innovation versus tradition, resentment of authority, and headaches and migraines.

The symbolism of the Planets in Astrology

Each planet has its domain and symbolism. Modern Astrology also considers the newly discovered planet Chiron in its astrological chart. In Astrology, all the signs are Male or Female. To know in detail the symbolism of the planets in Astrology, select the planet to consult below:
  • Sun - Identity, individuality, father
  • Moon - Instincts, subconscious, mother
  • Mercury - Mindset, communication, siblings, travel
  • Venus - Love, romance, camaraderie, values, woman
  • Mars - Action, sexuality, man, brother, desire
  • Jupiter - Wisdom, vision, expansion, conviction, space
  • Saturn - Challenge, concentration, time, restraint
  • Uranus - Originality, renewal, revolution, eccentricity
  • Neptune - Transcendence, spirituality, illusion, suffering
  • Pluto - Transformation, humiliation and power, underworld
  • Chiron - Wounds and rebirth
  • North Node - Destination, collective, future potential
  • South Node - Past Karma, Deep Experience, Lessons Learned