Uranus in Astrology: Meaning, Signs and Astral Chart

    Uranus is related to society, the good of all, technology, and machinery. Rebellion, revolution, ingenuity, sudden changes. This is Uranus in Astrology.

    Uranus is related to society, the good of all, technology, and machinery. It conflicts with Leo, the sign of individual creativity and artistic gifts. Uranus represents rebellionrevolutioningenuity, and the ability to break through limitations and resurface with a new sense of freedom. It proposes a new concept of the "I," which encourages us to reinvent ourselves, trace new paths, and remind us of authenticity's importance. This is Uranus in Astrology.
    "The symbol of Uranus has two faces; one facing the past and one facing the future. The dual mind of Humanity is separated by the cross of matter, which unites the human world to the Divine. The mind is supported and energized by the circle of the spirit. "

    Brief Astronomy Facts About Uranus

    Uranus is one of the "modern" planets, along with Neptune and Pluto. This expression refers to unknown planets in ancient times when it was impossible to see them with the naked eye. Uranus was discovered in 1781 by the British astronomer William Herschel (1738-1822). Its name was suggested by the German Johann Bode, based on the name of Saturn's father and Jupiter's grandfather. It is often called the "Frozen Giant" because 80% is made up of frozen methane, water, and ammonia. It has 27 very faint moons and rings compared to the other gas giants.

    Uranus in Astrology

    ORIGINALITY. RENEWAL. ECCENTRICITY. The symbolism of Uranus in modern Astrology is quite independent of the myths related to classical mythology. Uranus is related to riots and revolution. Its discovery sparked a revolution in the cosmos known to ancient and medieval times and threatened to overthrow the traditional symbolism of Astrology and numerology. Instead of the seven sacred planets, there was now an eighth, not sacred. Around the same time, political revolutions devastated America (1775-1783) and France (1789). It takes Uranus 84 years to go around the Sun and about seven years to move through a single sign. Therefore, its influence is felt for long periods. All people born in the same seven-year period have the same sign on this planet, influencing the behavior of an entire generation.

    Uranus in Astrology - Revolution and Transformation

    Uranus is the planet of revolution, of unconventional ideas. It drives changes, questioning the status quo. Uranus makes us want to go beyond limits and borders, breaking new ground. It is made of rebellious energy that moves away from the past to create new thoughts and ways of acting. The position of Uranus in the birth chart indicates the area of life where the soul has to free itself from restrictions or where it feels most restless. But the house you occupy can also reveal abrupt changes, the end of relationships, or a personality that has come to awaken consciences. When the energy of Uranus circulates without barriers, it creates chaos. Its greatest challenge is to create a new order, bringing the best of the past into the future, transforming deep and destructive crises into opportunities for development and harmony.

    Uranus in Astrology - Higher Mind

    Uranus is an intuitive and illogical planet, able to draw hasty conclusions. It acts for the good of all and not so much for the individual good. It symbolizes independent thought, the drive for change, and inspires a revolution. The orbit of this planet is quite different from that of the other planets in the solar system. It is an eccentric path that rotates on its axis at right angles, giving the impression of having the poles where the other planets have the equator. Uranus travels in the opposite direction (east to west) to most of the other planets in the solar system (a feature it shares with the planet Venus ). These strange characteristics have led Astrology to associate this planet with all that is marginalmisfit, and genius. Uranus is the planet of technology, innovation, wanting to do different, and invention. He sees no limits. It knows no borders. He only sees new possibilities to evolve, to always go further.

    Personality on Uranus

    People influenced by the energy of Uranus are visionaries and courageous. They are unafraid to rise against the established and question the traditionally accepted currents. They are innovative, nonconformist, and rebellious. Despite not feeling the need to be socially accepted, he has a deep social conscience and acts for the common good. The personality of Uranus fights for social justice and the oppressed.

    Uranus in Astrology - Arrangement in the Astral Chart

    Well or badly positioned, Uranus maintains its tendency towards chaos and eccentricity. A well-positioned Uranus is imaginative and revolutionary, while a poorly positioned Uranus is rebellious and unstable.

    How is Uranus Expressed through Signs?

    Uranus in Aries

    In Aries, the energy of Uranus is a bomb about to explode. The desire for change, combined with one with rebellion and an independent spirit, makes this personality an agent of change. Learn more about the Aries sign

    Uranus in Taurus

    Positioned in Taurus, Uranus is faced with the practical spirit. He lives in the tension between the desire for revolution and pragmatism. Learn more about the Taurus sign

    Uranus in Gemini

    In Gemini, Uranus becomes highly intuitive, unpredictable, and inventive. Learn more about the Gemini sign

    Uranus in Cancer

    In Cancer, Uranus seeks emotional independence from family and the need to stop worrying about the opinions of others. It can be emotionally unstable or erratic. Learn more about the Cancer sign

    Uranus in Leo

    Uranus in Leo can lead to a charismatic leader or supreme arrogance. Indicates creative and original ideas. Learn more about the Leo sign

    Uranus in Virgo

    Uranus in Virgo promotes new approaches in the field of health. He advocates for alternative medicines and unconventional healing methods. Try to revolutionize outdated practices. Learn more about the Virgo sign

    Uranus in Libra

    Uranus in Libra incites revolution in relationships, whether personal or social. Learn more about the Libra sign

    Uranus in Scorpio

    Uranus in Scorpio seeks a new understanding of life and death from a metaphysical point of view. It can be cruel and emotionally unstable. Learn more about the Scorpio sign

    Uranus in Sagittarius

    Uranus in Sagittarius feels the need to express new values and break with hypocrisy in relationships. Learn more about the Sagittarius sign

    Uranus in Capricorn

    Uranus in Capricorn wants to transform social values and government agencies. You can dedicate yourself to creating new economic and organizational systems for society. Learn more about the Capricorn sign

    Uranus in Aquarius

    Uranus in Aquarius wants to revolutionize Humanity, ensuring that everyone has access to the same guarantees and rights. Learn more about the Aquarius sign

    Uranus in Pisces

    Uranus in Pisces indicates a strong intuition that, mixed with strong, uncontrolled emotions, leads to confusion and a lack of strategy. Seeks a new perception of reality through the break with pre-established notions. Learn more about the Pisces sign

    Planets in Astrology

    • The Sun - Identity, Individuality, the Father
    • The Moon - Instincts, subconscious, mother
    • Mercury - Mindset, Communication
    • Venus - Love, Values, Women
    • Mars - Action, Man, Wish
    • Jupiter - Wisdom, Expansion
    • Saturn - Challenge, Moderation
    • Uranus - Originality, Revolution
    • Neptune - Spirituality, Illusion
    • Pluto - Transformation, Underworld
    • Chiron - Integration, Healing
    • North Node - Destination, Future Potential
    • South Node - Deep Experience, Lessons Learned

    Each of the planets dominates a specific aspect of our life. Your Sun sign, the Zodiac sign where the Sun was at the time you were born, governs the most intimate area of ჴ€‹ჴ€‹your Being. However, the remaining planets also help characterize your astrological personality.

    For example, suppose Mercury, the planet that governs communication, was in Leo when you were born. In that case, your communication style is likely to be passionate and enthusiastic, characteristics traditionally attributed to this sign.