Neptune in Astrology: Meaning, Signs and Astral Chart

    Neptune in Astrology is associated with the absence of borders, the world of feelings, escape, and letting go of the tide. But also dreams and fantasies, confusion or charm.

    Neptune in Astrology is associated with the absence of borders, the world of feelings, escape, and land let goes of the tide. But also dreams and fantasies, confusion or charm. Neptune conflicts with Virgo, the sign of work and service, order, and minimalism. "The glyph of Neptune represents the semicircle of the soul is crossed by the cross of matter, which mirrors the relationship between spirit and the material world. The three teeth symbolize different aspects of consciousness: the unconscious mind, everyday consciousness and the cosmic consciousness. "

    Astral characterization

    • Rule / Dignity - Pisces
    • Day of the Week - Not Attributed
    • Color - Sea-green, indigo, violet
    • Detriment / Conflict - Virgo
    • Exaltation - Leo
    • Fall - Aquarius
    • Number - VII and XI
    • Obstacles from Past Lives - Inability to evolve spiritually, deception, escape from reality, unrealistic, misuse of paranormal powers
    • Associations - Photography, cameras, dance, poetry, music, alcohol and drugs, religion, telepathy, anesthesia
    • Key Words - Transcendent, inspiration, illusion, ecstasy, love, escapism, revelation, addiction, cloudiness, enchantment, deception, mysticism, disintegration, impressionable, confusion, guilt, intangible, sacrifice

    Brief Astronomy Facts About Neptune

    Neptune is one of the "modern" planets, along with Uranus and Pluto. This expression refers to unknown planets in ancient times when it was impossible to see them with the naked eye. It is the most distant planet from the Sun, so it receives little light and cannot heat its atmosphere. Its intense blue color is due to methane and a still unknown compound. Neptune has the fastest winds in the solar system. Its orbital period is 168.4 Earth days, and it takes between 13 and 14 years to move through a single sign. Given a large amount of time, its action affects an entire generation on Earth. Neptune was discovered in 1846 by the German astronomer Johann Galle. It is the coregent planet of the Pisces sign.

    Neptune in Astrology

    TRANSCENDENCE. SPIRITUALITY. CHEATED. DESOLATION The symbolism of the "modern" planets in modern Astrology is quite independent of the myths related to mythological gods. However, both in the case of Neptune and Pluto, myths adorn the astrological interpretation. The historical associations associated with Neptune are complex. It owes its symbolism to socialism, compassion towards the lower classes, and the " Socialist Manifesto " publication in the same year of its discovery. For Astrology, Neptune personifies the will to transcend the limits that separate the soul from the whole. This planet moves between two extremes: from the highest spiritual consciousness to the abyss of deception and disillusionment. Along the way, embrace imagination, fantasy, and dreams. Without limits, the Neptunian personality is vulnerable to external influences and can easily be fooled. They may feel out of place in a cruel and opportunistic world. But Neptune is also the planet of illusions and, therefore, of scammers and false gurus. Neptune is the planet of mysticism, enchantment, glamor, and the ability to enchant. You need to transcend the routine, the ordinary, to reach higher levels of consciousness, close to the divine. Aspire to enlightenment to be superior.

    Neptune in Astrology - Unconditional Love

    Neptune seeks romantic and unconditional love. He can accept the other as he is, with his defects and virtues.

    Neptune in Astrology - Self Sacrifice

    Like the Pisces personality, Neptune lives attached to the victim-martyr-savior impulse. He wants to save the world or a person, even at the cost of personal sacrifice. Outcome? He lives between feeling like a victim or f martyr, which can be exhausting for others, and emotionally draining for himself. His unrealism makes him easily exploited by ill-intentioned people, especially when they hide their true intentions under cover of love.

    Neptune in Astrology - Arrangement in the Astral Chart

    In the birth chart, when Neptune is well positioned, the mood is serene and dreamy, with a penchant for the arts and musical expression. When misplaced, the disposition of this planet is addiction, escapist, and unrealistic.

    How is Neptune Expressed through Signs?

    Due to its long and distant orbit of the Sun, Neptune will only reach Aries, Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer in many years. For this reason, these signs are not part of the list below.

    Neptune in Leo

    Neptune, in this sign, aspires to creativity without borders. However, ideas can be fuzzy or impractical. Learn more about the Leo sign

    Neptune in Virgo

    Neptune, in this sign, aspires to serve and sacrifice for the common good. Learn more about the Virgo sign

    Neptune in Libra

    Neptune, in this sign, aspires to romantic love but is a victim of illusion and deception. Relationships can be fragile, relying only on the ability to seduce. In the positive version, you can create interdependent relationships. Learn more about the Libra sign

    Neptune in Scorpio

    Neptune in this sign encourages consciousness expansion sin piritual rather than religious practices. Hidden secrets revealed can accentuate the escapist tendency of this planet. Learn more about the Scorpio sign

    Neptune in Sagittarius

    Neptune, in this sign, aspires to sublimate the expansion of consciousness and stimulate spiritual rather than religious practices. There is the potential for spiritual insight, but with the risk of falling for false gurus or inappropriate deities. Learn more about the Sagittarius sign

    Neptune in Capricorn

    Neptune in this sign wants to shape inspiration. You can fall into deceptions and worship false gods, where the end justifies the means. Learn more about the Capricorn sign

    Neptune in Aquarius

    Neptune, in this sign, aspires to humanism and dreams of a better and more just world. The danger lies in the possibility of confusing ideologies with rational thought. Learn more about the Aquarius sign

    Neptune in Pisces

    Neptune, in this sign, aspires to total fusion, the return to the origins. The danger lies in the inability to distinguish between escapism and authentic spiritual inspiration. Learn more about the Pisces sign

    Planets in Astrology

    • The Sun - Identity, Individuality, the Father
    • The Moon - Instincts, subconscious, mother
    • Mercury - Mindset, Communication
    • Venus - Love, Values, Women
    • Mars - Action, Man, Wish
    • Jupiter - Wisdom, Expansion
    • Saturn - Challenge, Moderation
    • Uranus - Originality, Revolution
    • Neptune - Spirituality, Illusion
    • Pluto - Transformation, Underworld
    • Chiron - Integration, Healing
    • North Node - Destination, Future Potential
    • South Node - Deep Experience, Lessons Learned
    Each of the planets dominates a specific aspect of our life. Your Sun sign, the Zodiac sign where the Sun was at the time you were born, governs the most intimate area of ჴ€‹ჴ€‹your Being. However, the remaining planets also help characterize your astrological personality. For example, suppose Mercury, the planet that governs communication, was in Leo when you were born. In that case, your communication style is likely to be passionate and enthusiastic, characteristics traditionally attributed to this sign.