Strengths and Weaknesses of Planets in Astrology

    The basis of Astrology lies in the study of the symbolic characteristics of the solar signs, planets, and houses. To these three elements, the Ascendant sign will be added. Based on the combination of astrological information and the symbolic meanings attributed to each of these three elements, it is possible to trace the basic astrological personality of each one of us. Concerning the planets, the starting point for Astrology is to know what their strengths and weaknesses are.

    Strengths and Weaknesses of Planets

    Like all aspects studied in Astrology, the planets also have a definite meaning and a logical sequence in distributing their power. By combining the typical characteristics of the signs and the strengths and weaknesses of the planets, it is possible to define an astrological profile that characterizes us. This profile helps us understand our character better and understand what makes us react in a certain way in all aspects of our lives.

    Sun Sign, Ascendant, Planets

    In the astrological system, all the elements work in tune and influence each other. For Astrology, we are the set of various astrological influences: sun sign, Ascendant, planets, among others. However, for Astrology, there is no concept of determinism (that is, regardless of the astrological forces that act on our personality, we are the ones who build our lives according to the choices we make freely) or negativism (there are no better signs or worse than others, but there are aspects of the personality that can be improved if we want to have a more harmonious coexistence with our natural way of being and with others).

    Planets in Dignity, Exile, Exaltation, and Fall

    Before moving on, you need to understand some basic concepts associated with the strengths and weaknesses of the planets.

    1. Planet in Domicile or Dignity

    It is said that a planet is domiciled or strongly located when it is in the sign or signs that it governs. When a planet is at home, it identifies with the sign where it is placed. There is a harmony between the energies of the planet and the sign's energies. In Astrology, these are the ruling and co-ruling planets of the sun signs:
    • Aries - Mars
    • Taurus - Venus
    • Gemini - Mercury
    • Cancer - Moon
    • Leo - Sun
    • Virgo - Mercury
    • Libra - Venus
    • Scorpio - Mars (ruler), Pluto (co-ruler)
    • Sagittarius - Jupiter
    • Capricorn - Saturn
    • Aquarius - Saturn (ruler), Uranus (co-ruler)
    • Pisces - Neptune (ruler), Jupiter (co-ruler)
    Therefore, when the planet falls in the house of the ruling sign, the possibility of harmonic forces in a person's astrological personality is greater. No conflict creates a symbolic disagreement between the energies of the sign and the planets' energies that are present in the person's birth chart. For example, Mars in Aries is "at home" in its natural domicile, where it best expresses its energies. The characteristics transmitted by the sign and the planet, aligned and united, reinforce the strengths and positive points of the astrological personality of the native.

    Personal Planets

    The Personal planets are:
    • The Sun.
    • The Moon.
    • The planet that governs the Ascendant (the ruler of the map).
    • The planet that governs the Sun sign (the ruler of the Sun) and the planet that governs the sign occupied by the Moon (the ruler of the Moon).
    The personal planets are more robust and have a more significant influence on the astral personality.

    2. Planet in Exile or Weakened

    A planet is said to be in exile or weakened when the opposite of that described above occurs when the planet is in the opposite sign to its sign of dignity or domicile. Using the same example as before, if the planet is in Libra, the opposite sign of Aries. In this case, the planet is not in its natural home but in the house of the opposite sign. Its position is weaker. This means that there is a set of characteristics that contribute to the astrological personality of the person that may not always be in sync with each other: the characteristics of the sun sign, the characteristics of the opposite sign, and the characteristics of the planet. Here, the effort to harmonize the various astrological energy forces is more significant. 3. Planet in Exaltation In addition to the signs of dignity and exile, the personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn) also have a sign of exaltation. On this sign, their qualities are compelling. These locations also receive a specific grade for ultimate exaltation:
    • Sun - 19 degrees Aries
    • Moon - 3 degrees Taurus
    • Mercury - 15 degrees Virgo
    • Venus - 27 degrees Pisces
    • Mars - 28 degrees Capricorn
    • Jupiter - 15 degrees Cancer
    • Saturn - 21 degrees Libra
    Mercury, for example, is in exaltation in any degree of Virgo, but its most vital position is 15 degrees.

    4. Planet in Fall

    Again, the opposite is also true. When the planet is in the opposite sign to its exaltation sign (in the case of Mercury, in Pisces, the opposite sign of Virgo), it is in decline. His qualities are weakened. The most challenging location on a planet will be the opposite of its degree of exaltation:
    • Sun - 19 degrees Pound
    • Moon - 3 degrees of Scorpio
    • Mercury - 15 degrees Pisces
    • Venus - 27 degrees Virgo
    • Mars - 28 degrees Cancer
    • Jupiter - 15 degrees Capricorn
    • Saturn - 21 degrees Aries
    The symbolic power is also considered weakened if it is retrograde; that is, when it retreats along with a sign instead of advancing. It applies particularly to Mercury, Venus, and Mars.

    The Strengths and Weaknesses of the Planets in the Astral Chart

    The characteristics transmitted by the planets must be analyzed according to each person's birth chart. In short, any traditional positions of strength or weakness of the planets must be interpreted in context. In Astrology, there is nothing good or bad in itself. The astrological symbolism of the planets and the solar signs are only a reference base to identify the various energies present in the chart. Still, it will always be necessary and desirable to contextualize them according to each person's circumstances. Like predictions, without a personal basis, which can only be studied through the elaboration of the birth chart, the information of the planets in general and never individualized, which may or may not be adapted to the person in question.

    Synthesis of the Strengths and Weaknesses of the Planets


    • Sign of Exile - Aquarius, ruled by Uranus
    • Exaltation Sign - Aries, ruled by Mars
    • Fall Sign - Libra, ruled by Venus


    • Sign of Exile - Capricorn, ruled by Saturn
    • Exaltation Sign - Taurus, ruled by Venus
    • Fall Sign - Scorpio, ruled by Pluto


    • Signs of Exile - Sagittarius, and Pisces, ruled by Jupiter and Neptune
    • Sign of Exaltation - Virgo, ruled by Mercury
    • Fall Sign - Pisces, ruled by Neptune


    • Signs of Exile - Aries, and Scorpio, ruled by Mars and Pluto
    • Sign of Exaltation - Pisces, ruled by Neptune
    • Fall Sign - Virgo, ruled by Mercury


    • Signs of Exile - Aries, and Scorpio, ruled by Mars and Pluto
    • Sign of Exaltation - Pisces, ruled by Neptune
    • Fall Sign - Virgo, ruled by Mercury


    • Signs of Exile - Gemini, and Virgo, ruled by Mercury
    • Sign of Exaltation - Cancer, ruled by the Moon
    • Fall Sign - Capricorn, ruled by Saturn


    • Signs of Exile - Cancer, and Leo, ruled by the Moon and the Sun
    • Sign of Exaltation - Libra, ruled by Venus
    • Fall Sign - Aries, ruled by Mars

    The symbolism of the Planets in Astrology

    Each planet has its domain and symbolism. Modern Astrology also considers the newly discovered planet Chiron in its astrological chart. In Astrology, all the signs are Male or Female. To know in detail the symbolism of the planets in Astrology, select the planet to consult below:
    • Sun - Identity, individuality, father
    • Moon - Instincts, subconscious, mother
    • Mercury - Mindset, communication, siblings, travel
    • Venus - Love, romance, camaraderie, values, woman
    • Mars - Action, sexuality, man, brother, desire
    • Jupiter - Wisdom, vision, expansion, conviction, space
    • Saturn - Challenge, concentration, time, restraint
    • Uranus - Originality, renewal, revolution, eccentricity
    • Neptune - Transcendence, spirituality, illusion, suffering
    • Pluto - Transformation, humiliation and power, underworld
    • Chiron - Wounds and rebirth
    • North Node - Destination, collective, future potential
    • South Node - Past Karma, Deep Experience, Lessons Learned