Jupiter in Astrology: Meaning, Signs and Astral Chart

    Jupiter is known as the "Great Beneficiary" or the "Great Benefactor." Jupiter in Astrology means enthusiasm, abundance, luck, responsibility, vitality, and expansion.

    Jupiter takes about a year in each sign, so it takes twelve years to complete the circle of the Zodiac and affects an entire generation. This planet is known in Astrology as the "Great Beneficiary" or the "Great Benefactor." Jupiter in Astrology means enthusiasm, abundance, luck, responsibility, vitality, and expansion.
    "The glyph of Jupiter represents the growth of the soul that rises above the light of matter, symbolizing pure consciousness and the triumph of the soul over earthly things."

    Astral characterization

    • Rule / Dignity - Sagittarius , Pisces
    • Day of the Week - Friday
    • Colors - Purple, green with red, green, turquoise yellow, dark blue
    • Detriment / Conflict - Gemini
    • Exaltation - Cancer
    • Fall - Capricorn
    • Virtue - Faith
    • Addiction - Pride
    • Number - III
    • Obstacles from Past Lives - Abuses and excesses, reduced spirituality
    • Associations - Abundance, prophecy, religion, philosophy, knowledge, expansion, universities, foreign travel, books, fruits, honey, men's clothing, goods, birds, gambling, excess, abuse
    • Keywords - Expansion, optimism, luck, faith, philosophy, ritual, hope, expanding energy, knowledge, excess, abundance, travel, creativity, freedom, generosity, waste, luxury, conscience

    Quick Facts of Astronomy About Jupiter

    Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system, 1,300 times larger than Earth (twice as large as all the planets in our solar system combined). It is so far away that the Sun's light and heat barely reach its Surface. It takes Jupiter 11.86 years to go around the Sun. The approximation of this cycle to the 12 signs of the Zodiac means that the planet affects a different sign each year, just as the Sun affects each month. This movement correspondence led the first Chinese astrologers to call Jupiter the "Star of the year."

    Jupiter in Mythology

    Jupiter's identity as king of the gods corresponds to his importance in the solar system, with an entourage of twelve moons (this planet has more than 67 moons). In the West, this planet was believed to be a divine lawgiver who administered authority in the underworld. Jupiter is the Roman version of the Greek deity Zeus, head of the gods, abstract essence of divine law. On Olympus, he had no rival. He was the greatest power exponent and unified all the gods in his person. All prayers were directed to him.

    About Jupiter in Astrology

    EXPANSION. ABUNDANCE. LUCK. Jupiter in Astrology is considered a planet among a group of equals with the highest authority. He is known as the "Great Benefactor" in his continuous search for progress and expansion. Symbolically, Jupiter is considered to be open-minded, proud, and arrogant. He leans towards philosophy and religion. He is a wise counselor and teacher. As the giant planet in the solar system, Jupiter is known as the planet of abundance, luck, and expansion. Everything related to growth and prosperity is within reach of this giant.

    Jupiter in Astrology - Arrangement in the Astral Chart

    The position of Jupiter in the birth chart marks the areas of life with the greatest growth potential. This planet highlights our personality's positive aspects and strengths thanks to personal talents or luck. This will help us grow and be successful. The presence of this planet in the chart also suggests a willingness to take risks and take the necessary actions to achieve our goals.
    • Jupiter in signs of the Water element - Provides expansion and stimulating relationships. Increase knowledge through creativity and artistic imagination.
    • Jupiter in signs of the Fire element - Provides expansion and good luck in challenges, leadership roles, and positions of responsibility. Stimulates the intellect.
    • Jupiter in signs of the Earth element - Provides expansion and encourages questioning of established rules. It favors acquiring material goods, intellectual production, and a comfortable standard of living.
    • Jupiter in Air Element Signs - Provides expansion and encourages learning, a taste for novelty, healthy social relationships, and a sense of fulfillment in helping others.

    How is Jupiter Expressed through the Signs?

    Jupiter regulates the world and lon journeys abroad. The Jupiterian personality does not like borders, rigid rules, obstacles to freedom of movement (physical and intellectual), discovery, and goodbyes. Your mission is to discover, learn and explore. Generous, enthusiastic, friendly, and optimistic, the Jupiter personality believes in the reason for things and in the ability to change. On the negative side, Jupiter can reveal himself as mean, careless, miserable, joyless, and fearful.

    Jupiter in Aries

    Expansion through the challenge. Stubborn and fearless, Jupiter in Aries views life as an endless opportunity for growth. Learn more about the Aries sign

    Jupiter in Taurus

    Expansion through possessions, luxury, and material goods. Jupiter in Taurus is ambitious, consumerist, exhibitionist, and hedonist. Learn more about the Taurus sign

    Jupiter in Gemini

    Expansion through new ideas. Jupiter in Gemini is talkative. Makeup stories, exaggerate events and spread new beliefs. Learn more about the Gemini sign

    Jupiter in Cancer

    Expansion through altruism. Jupiter in Cancer is an emotional being. Develop an understanding, protective, and generous personality. Learn more about the Cancer sign

    Jupiter in Leo

    Expansion through ostentation. Jupiter in Leo wants to impact others. She displays a theatrical, exuberant, friendly, and self-confident personality. Learn more about the Leo sign

    Jupiter in Virgo

    Expansion through intellectual productivity. Jupiter in Virgo is ambitious but low-key. He has a calm, humble and romantic personality. Learn more about the Virgo sign

    Jupiter in Libra

    Expansion through pleasure. Jupiter in Libra has a hedonistic streak and wants to be loved. He is always looking for pleasure and company. Learn more about the Libra sign

    Jupiter in Scorpio

    Expansion through the occult. Jupiter in Scorpio values the joys of intimacy and exploration of the esoteric world. Learn more about the Scorpio sign

    Jupiter in Sagittarius

    Expansion through knowledge. Jupiter in Sagittarius is always willing to take risks and enjoy life to the fullest. Optimistic, lucky, and given to excesses. Learn more about the Sagittarius sign

    Jupiter in Capricorn

    Expansion through the overcoming of borders. Jupiter in Capricorn can be wise and successful or feel trapped by inflexible rules. Learn more about the Capricorn sign

    Jupiter in Aquarius

    Expansion through aid to humanity. Jupiter in Aquarius loves to dedicate himself to causes. Tolerant and liberal personality, but with a tendency to eccentricity. Learn more about the Aquarius sign

    Jupiter in Pisces

    Expansion through imagination. Jupiter in Pisces can take refuge in fantasy. Artistic, undisciplined, and erratic personality. Learn more about the Pisces sign

    Planets in Astrology

    • The Sun - Identity, Individuality, the Father
    • The Moon - Instincts, subconscious, mother
    • Mercury - Mindset, Communication
    • Venus - Love, Values, Women
    • Mars - Action, Man, Wish
    • Jupiter - Wisdom, Expansion
    • Saturn - Challenge, Moderation
    • Uranus - Originality, Revolution
    • Neptune - Spirituality, Illusion
    • Pluto - Transformation, Underworld
    • Chiron - Integration, Healing
    • North Node - Destination, Future Potential
    • South Node - Deep Experience, Lessons Learned

    Each of the planets dominates a specific aspect of our life. Your Sun sign, the Zodiac sign where the Sun was at the time you were born, governs the most intimate area of ჴ€‹ჴ€‹your Being. However, the remaining planets also help characterize your astrological personality.

    For example, suppose Mercury, the planet that governs communication, was in Leo when you were born. In that case, your communication style is likely to be passionate and enthusiastic, characteristics traditionally attributed to this sign.