Mercury in Astrology: Meaning, Signs and Astral Chart

    Mercury in Astrology is the voice, the mind, and the messenger at home with Gemini's intelligent communication skills and Virgo's rigor and precision.

    Mercury in Astrology is the voice, the mind, and the messenger at home with Gemini's intelligent communication skills and Virgo's rigor and precision. Mercury is the only planet in Astrology whose sign of exaltation is also one of its signs of dignity. Mercury's agility, precision, and communication skills perfectly manifest in the mutable earth sign.
    "The glyph of Mercury represents the circle of the spirit that, in the upper part, has the crescent of the soul and, in the base, the cross of matter. It represents the triumph of mind over matter. "

    Astral characterization

    • Rule / Dignity - Gemini and Virgo
    • Day of the Week - Tuesday
    • Colors - Light Blue, Sky Blue, Gunmetal Gray, Violet
    • Detriment / Conflict - Sagittarius
    • Exaltation - Virgo
    • Fall - Pisces
    • Virtue - Wisdom
    • Addiction - Gluttony
    • Number - V
    • Obstacles from Past Lives - Defamation, misunderstandings, lying, hearing or speaking problems
    • Associations - Intellectual drive, communication, intellect, money, books, paper, charts, scientific instruments, pocket knives, ink cartridges, writing instruments, butterflies
    • Key Words - Reasoning, communication, travel, knowledge, culture, mind, thought, reason, logic, cunning, coordination, intellect, writing, speaking, gossip, intelligence, cunning, refined, expressive, memory.

    Quick Facts of Astronomy

    Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun and the smallest in the solar system, the size of the Atlantic Ocean. It is a rocky world that has neither oxygen nor water. Throughout its 87.97 Earth-day orbits, when viewed from Earth, Mercury appears to rock back and forth (known in astrology as retrograde motion).

    Mercury in Mythology

    In Roman mythology, Mercury was the god of business. The words "merchant" and "business" are derived from the Latin root of his name. For the Greeks, Mercury was represented by Hermes, the god of movement, transfer, and exchange. Hermes guided the souls of the dead to the underworld and was a messenger of the gods. Son of Zeus and the nymph Maya, Hermes' divine nature was established from the day of his birth. Before noon that same day, Hermes invented the lyre and stole cattle from his half-brother, Apollo. The latter was furious, but his father, Zeus, was enchanted by Hermes' intelligence and soon promoted him, making him his messenger.

    Mercury in Astrology

    MENTALITY. COMMUNICATION. TRAVELS. In Astrology, people born under Mercury's influence are believed to be intelligent, skillful, attentive, and capable of lucid and influential speech. However, they also seem to tend to be fickle.

    Mercury in Astrology - the Born Communicator

    Mercury is the planet of communication and the mind. It represents the speed of understanding, good memory, and reasoning capacity. This is the planet of writing, media, and communications. As a courier, you are also associated with roads, transportation, commerce, technology, and inland travel. Intuitive and logical, Mercury explores new paths. Suggests a personality capable of handling multiple topics simultaneously but with a tendency to ignore details. Mercury has quick reactions and a mutable temper. With a great capacity to adapt to the environment, connecting body and mind.

    Mercury its Relationship with the Sun in Astrology

    Given its proximity to the Sun, Mercury acts as an interpreter in the process of self-expression. When it falls in the same sign as the Sun, the characteristics associated with this sign are reinforced. The elements of the signs also influence the relationship between the Sun and Mercury. Depending on the element of the sign where Mercury is positioned, its effect on that sign also varies:
    • Mercury in Signs of the Water Element - increases empathy and emotional intuition.
    • Mercury in Signs of the Fire Element - invigorates this element's cautious self-expression, producing a more spontaneous and open personality.
    • Mercury in Signs of the Earth Element - the personality becomes more practical and less prone to fanfare.
    • Mercury in Air Element Signs - leads the personality to speak faster and communicate more.

    Mercury in Astrology - Arrangement in the Astral Chart

    Well-positioned Mercury assimilates a large amount of information that it quickly synthesizes and concludes. He is intelligent, subtle, logical, and a good-spirited and insightful character. When misplaced, the arrangement is false and illogical.

    How is Mercury Expressed through the Signs?

    Mercury in Aries

    Personal communication. Frank is spiritual, impulsive, confident, and conflictive. Mercury in Aries strongly believes in its ideas. Learn more about the Aries sign

    Mercury in Taurus

    Practical communication. Ability to concentrate, methodical mind. Slow to form an opinion or assimilate facts. Mercury in Taurus has fixed opinions and is resistant to changing your mind. Learn more about the Taurus sign

    Mercury in Gemini

    Fast communication. Well-spoken, spiritual, intuitive, multifaceted, and versatile. Mercury in Gemini needs to communicate. Learn more about the Gemini sign

    Mercury in Cancer

    Emotional communication. Intuitive, imaginative, thoughtful, mystical, contemplative. Mercury in Cancer lives trapped in emotional memories of the past. Learn more about the Cancer sign

    Mercury in Leo

    Creative communication. Confident, determined, judgmental, vain, creative. Mercury in Leo forms opinions quickly and does not abandon them. Learn more about the Leo sign

    Mercury in Virgo

    Logical communication. Intelligent, spiritual, analytical, rational, judgmental, critical. Mercury in Virgo can be too sentimental. Learn more about the Virgo sign

    Mercury in Pound

    Shared communication. Fair, logical, strategic, and critical. Mercury in Libra sees both sides of the problem and is influenced by other people's opinions. Learn more about the Libra sign

    Mercury in Scorpio

    Intuitive communication. I am determined, firm, resourceful, manipulative, and distrustful. Mercury in Scorpio is governed by instinct and attracted to the occult. Learn more about the Scorpio sign

    Mercury in Sagittarius

    Philosophical communication. Liberal, impolite, charismatic, possessive, paranoid. Mercury in Sagittarius loves an intellectual challenge and seeks answers to the great questions of human existence. Learn more about the Sagittarius sign

    Mercury in Capricorn

    Conventional communication. Practical, determined, constructive, calculating, pessimistic. Mercury in Capricorn has a clear sense of how things should be. Learn more about the Capricorn sign

    Mercury in Aquarius

    Unconventional communication. Innovative, clairvoyant, intelligent, rational, original. Mercury in Aquarius separates feelings from thoughts. Learn more about the Aquarius sign

    Mercury in Pisces

    Intuitive communication. Imaginative, impressionable, malicious, emotional, sensitive. Mercury in Pisces has difficulty defining limits and confuses emotions with thought. Learn more about the Pisces sign

    Planets in Astrology

    • The Sun - Identity, Individuality, the Father
    • The Moon - Instincts, subconscious, mother
    • Mercury - Mindset, Communication
    • Venus - Love, Values, Women
    • Mars - Action, Man, Wish
    • Jupiter - Wisdom, Expansion
    • Saturn - Challenge, Moderation
    • Uranus - Originality, Revolution
    • Neptune - Spirituality, Illusion
    • Pluto - Transformation, Underworld
    • Chiron - Integration, Healing
    • North Node - Destination, Future Potential
    • South Node - Deep Experience, Lessons Learned

    Each of the planets dominates a specific aspect of our life. Your Sun sign, the Zodiac sign where the Sun was at the time you were born, governs the most intimate area of ჴ€‹ჴ€‹your Being. However, the remaining planets also help characterize your astrological personality.

    For example, suppose Mercury, the planet that governs communication, was in Leo when you were born. In that case, your communication style is likely to be passionate and enthusiastic, characteristics traditionally attributed to this sign.