Psalm 89 - Messianic Covenant and God's Celebration

    [New International Version] Psalm 89 closes Book III of the Book of Psalms. It celebrates God as king of the universe and of Israel. The Psalm ends in a tone of lamentation and supplication.

    The PS 89 closes the Book III of the Book of PS composed of a collection of texts 150 poetry books organized by five. The Book of Psalms, for its wisdom and basic principles of human action , is considered the heart of the Old Testament. Book III encompasses Psalms 73 to 89. Psalm 89 is divided into 53 Verses. The Psalms are poems-prayers addressed to God, being the privileged way to address and speak to Him. These prayers represent human experiences and religious conscience . They portray the common man , with his faults, insecurities, fears and hopes and, even today, we can identify with the Psalmist and draw inspiration from these texts to pray and plead with God when we feel lost and anguished or to express our gratitude for any blessing received. "There are enemies or friends, there is life or death, health or illness, pain or joy and, most of the time, there are no changes or gradations. Words are like stones and poetry like boulders carved by chisel"; "The Psalms are a bit like mountain paths, simple, especially when walking on snow, but they lead to the peaks; they are paths toward the peaks of meeting the Lord." - Carlo Maria Martini, Cardinal of Milan

    Psalm 89 - Messianic Alliance

    1  Poem. From Etan the Ezraite . 2 I will  sing for ever the mercies of the Lord; from generation to generation I will announce your fidelity through my mouth. 3  Therefore I proclaim that your mercy is built forever, and your faithfulness is steadfast as the heavens. 4  "I made a covenant with my chosen one, I made an oath in behalf of David my servant: 5 I will  establish your seed forever and will establish your throne from generation to generation." 6  The heavens will praise your wonders, O Lord; and the assembly of saints, your faithfulness. 7  Who on high can be equal to the Lord? Who is like the Lord among the gods? 8  God is respected in the counsel of the saints, superior and fearful to all around him. 9  Who is like You, Lord God of hosts? You are mighty, Lord, and your faithfulness is the court around you. 10  You rule the fury of the seas and calm the roar of its waves. 11  You have broken the corpse of Rahab, have scattered your enemies with the strength of your arm. 12  Heaven is yours and the earth is yours too; you formed the world and all that fills it. 13  The north and the south, You created them; Tabor and Hermon rejoice in your name. 14  Your arm is mighty, your hand is strong, and your right hand is exalted. 15  Justice and righteousness are the foundation of your throne; truth and mercy walk before you. 16  Happy are the people of those who know how to cry out to you, Lord: they will walk in the light of your face. 17  In your name they rejoice all day long and pride themselves in your righteousness. 18  For You are our honor and strength; and with your purpose you make us lift our heads. 19  Indeed, our shield is the Lord, and our king is the Holy One of Israel. 20 Thou hast once declared in vision, and said to thy faithful ones, "I helped a hero, promoted a young man from among the people. 21 I  found David my servant, and anointed him with my holy oil. 22  For my hand will be firmly with him, and my arm will make him strong. 23  The enemy will not rise up against him, nor will the wicked man humiliate him. 24 I will  overthrow his adversaries before him, and destroy those who hate him. 25  My faithfulness and mercy will be with him, and through my name his power will increase. 26 I will  stretch out the power of his left hand over the sea, and that of his right hand over the rivers. 27  He will call upon me, saying, "You are my father, you are my God and the rock of my salvation!" 28  And I will make him the firstborn, the most exalted among the kings of the earth. 29  I will assure him of my mercy forever, and my covenant will remain faithful to him. 30 I will  establish their seed forever, and their throne will remain like the heavens. 31  If your children forsake my law and do not walk according to my precepts; 32  If you transgress my orders and do not keep my commandments, 33  then I will punish your crime with a rod and your wickedness with a whip. 34  But I will not take away my mercy from them, neither will I break my promise. 35  I will not profane my covenant, nor change the word of my mouth. 36  I swore once by my holiness that I would not deceive David. 37  His seed will remain forever, and his throne will be like the sun before me. 38  It will stand forever like the Moon, a faithful witness in the firmament." 39  But you have rejected and forsook your anointed one, and have been angry with him. 40  Thou hast denied the covenant with thy servant and has profaned his crown to the ground. 41 You have  broken down all its walls, you have reduced its strongholds to rubble. 42  All passersby plundered it; he became a mockery to his neighbors. 43 You have  raised the hand of your enemies, you have filled all your enemies with joy. 44  But thou hast worn out the edge of the sword to him, and thou hast not given him victory in battle. 45  Thou hast caused its splendor to cease, Thou hast cast down its throne. 46 You  cut short the days of his youth and covered him with shame. 47  How long, Lord, will You remain hidden? Will your anger burn forever like fire? 48  Remember me. What a brief existence! What illusion did you create human beings for? 49  Who is so strong that he can live without seeing death and can free his soul from the grip of the abyss? 50  Where is your former mercy, which you swore to David for your faithfulness? 51  Remember, Lord, the insults against your servants, for I carry in my heart the outrage of so many mighty nations! 52  How your enemies utter insults, Lord! How insulting the steps of your anointed! 53  Blessed be the Lord forever! Amen! Amen!

    Meaning and interpretation

    The Psalm 89 is a kind of prayer messianic , which celebrates God himself as king of the universe and Israel . The Psalm ends in a tone of lamentation and supplication (Verses 39-53). God exercises his power over the entire world and over the main forces of nature. The attributes of God are stated: his essence is justice and righteousness ; the truth and mercy are priority criteria in the application of justice. The Psalm 89 ends the Third Book of Psalms. The Prophetic Psalms or Royal Psalms are prayers of praise to the king, affirmations of God's favor to the king, prayers for the king, royal oracles, and descriptions of the righteousness and piety due to the figure who has the responsibility to govern the people. These Psalms were performed at court parties, in the presence of the king, in celebrations of victory over an enemy, among other occasions involving the government. Often, the text refers to a messianic note where certain behaviors can lead to certain outcomes. The Prophetic Psalms reinforce the holiness of God , creator of all that exists between heaven and earth. They also remember his mercy and eternal justice and the importance of showing your face to the believer and to the peoples. Their action provides a guide to behavior not only for individuals but also for those responsible for governing and enforcing justice.

    The Book of Psalms

    The Joy and Happiness of the Righteous in Communion with God

    The Psalms are prayer-poems addressed to God, being the privileged way to address and speak with Him. Depicting the common man , with his failures, insecurities, fears and hopes, we can still identify with the Psalmist and be inspired today in Psalms to make prayers and supplications to God in times of trouble or express our gratitude for some blessing received. The Psalms, despite being written in Antiquity, still move , sensitize , awaken feelings , inspire and enchant . In them, we can identify anguish and joy , deeply human feelings, praises, supplications, teachings of reflection on spiritual wisdom and prophetic words. Written for different situations , some Psalms are intimate, revealing the author's personal relationship with God; others provide guidelines and advice for life, others are compositions for specific liturgical events such as rituals and pilgrimages. The Book of Psalms is composed of a collection of 150 poetic texts and is divided into five parts, called Psalm Books or Booklets. Each Book closes with short hymns of praise to God . The division into five parts was considered to correspond to the five books of Moses and it is assumed that each passage in the Pentateuch (first five books of the Bible, called Torah by the Jews) was read in parallel with the corresponding Psalm. Its main forms are lamentation , supplication , praise, and gratitude .

    The Power of Prayer in Dialogue with the Divine

    The Psalms elevate our thoughts to the Divine and prayer is the power of the word . Prayer is the language of faith. Any thought, word or image addressed to God is called prayer . It is through it that we come into contact with our God within and, therefore, it is so powerful in transforming life . Prayer can produce miracles , turn dreams into reality, give us hope for change , harmony and peace with ourselves and the world. Each Psalm has an intention that helps us meditate and walk with our God . For many theologians, the Book of Psalms has a prophetic or messianic tone as its verses refer to the coming of Christ into the world of men to guide them through the uncertainty and doubts of Human existence. The prayer has the power to call the Spiritual Universe full mode, honest, sincere, conscious, for the purpose of spiritual self-protection, family protection and those who are dear to us, to have peace of mind, spiritual and physical, for prosperity and success, to protect health and relationships, to ward off negative energies and, above all, to connect us to something bigger than ourselves. From this peace , well-being, hope and goodness in front of everyone and everything result. The faith can change our lives. It gives us tranquility and spiritual strength to face challenges. It helps us to meditate on our mission in life and to create a balanced and healthy environment for ourselves and those we love. When you pray, fill your heart with love and determination . The Psalms will guide you on a path of peace and communion with the higher energy.